Have you ever felt forgotten? Some of you may actually be the victims of forgetfulness. I tell you what, I’ve heard many a story of parents accidentally forgetting their kids some random place. Really, they are funny stories because of course the parent always goes back to find the child and all is right with the world. It’s that moment of panic, though, that makes the situation so intense. Sometimes the parent goes back to find that the child is completely fine playing on the playground by the softball fields where her dad left her. Sometimes the child takes the initiative, realizing he’s been forgotten, and runs 3 miles home from the fishing creek as an 9 year old. These may or may not be stories very near and dear to a certain brother and sister of mine, but nevertheless, the fact is we can all be forgetful at some time or another.

Well, not all of us.

Not Jesus.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me back things up. I’m feeling forgotten. I’ve got my headphones in. Currently, Lynard Skynard is pulsing through my ears (I miss my daddy, what can I say). I’m in a library surrounded by thousands of books on religion, language and relationship. My bible is opened beside me on the desk to Isaiah 49. My favorite green journal is filled with words I’ve just penned about how forgotten I feel. The question “Lord, where are you?” irritates the forefront of my mind. It’s one thing to be forgotten by a parent. It’s another thing to feel forgotten by the Lord.

It’s also a lie.

Have you ever felt like the Lord has just forgotten all about you? I have. Zion has. Check this out:

“But Zion said, “The Lord has forsaken me; my Lord has forgotten me.”” Isaiah 49:14

Check out how the Lord responds:

“Can a woman forget her nursing child, that she should have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, yet I WILL NOT FORGET YOU. Behold, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are continually before me.”  Isaiah 49:15-16

Even a parent can forget their child, but Jesus WILL NOT forget His children.

Sometimes I like to pretend you readers are struggling with the exact same thing I am in hopes that these words serve as an encouragement to you. In this life we may forget our keys, phone, kids, memories – and who knows what else, but let’s not forget the Lord. He hasn’t forgotten you. He hasn’t forgotten me. In fact, my name is engraved on the palm of His hand. Is it a coincidence that we often write things on our hands so as to not forget them?! I think not. It’s very biblical of us 🙂 Ok, maybe that’s a stretch… but next time you write something on your hand let it serve as a reminder that your name is ENGRAVED on the palm of our Savior.

Feeling forgotten? Remember the Lord.


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