I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite some time now, but I can’t seem to find a way to describe the glamour of my current life. The truth is… well, the TRUTH is… this life isn’t at all glamorous.

But it is glorious.

Mission life is not at all what people make it out to be. We over-romanticize it, chalk it up to a great ‘experience’ and pretend its a grand adventure. Visions of building houses, saving lives and lifting countries out of poverty dance through our minds. Obviously these things do happen in some places and its incredible when they do… but in other places, we just wait. Instead of building houses we clean them. Instead of saving lives we befriend them. Instead of lifting countries out of poverty we make ourselves poor in a wealthy country. On the rare occasion we rejoice over stories of salvation. On the much more frequent occasion we rejoice over getting a half hour to just rest. It’s not glamorous.

But it is glorious.

So, what makes it all worth it? Well, I’ve been told its the confidence that God is working and that He has a plan, but we just may not be able to see it yet. Alright, I get that. Its great head knowledge. However, tonight God gave me some heart knowledge.

THIS is what makes it worth it:

Tonight my team hosted a Kids Club at our church for the local children. We had such a blast! We painted faces, made paper lanterns, decorated cookies and popped a LOT of balloons. The kids were such a joy to be around. Durning our time of singing songs we began to sing “Jesus Loves Me” when one of the littles boys raised his sweet hand and said: “But some of us are Muslims”.

Ah. Exactly.

And just like that I’m reminded of why I’m here. Just like that I’m reminded that I was not called to a life of glamour. Just like that He makes it all worth it. It’s not glamorous.

But it is glorious.

But then again, living a life for the promise of eternal glory is glamorous, don’t you think?


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