If you know me at all, you know that I’m basically obsessed with the Holiday season. Christmas in particular, but once November rolls around its like my soul is lifted. This week I started listening to Christmas music. Now, cut me some slack folks… I do live in a country where Thanksgiving is NOT celebrated so that ‘day after Thanksgiving rule’ no longer applies to me! The Christmas decorations were up before Halloween here in London town and my gosh its beautiful. Honestly, I was really excited about this decision because my soul is in desperate need of some lifting. However, once again being so far removed from the life I used to live has given me perspective on the life I currently live. As I was listening to the new Austin Stone Christmas album this morning I received a text from one of my sweet brothers. It was one of those perfectly timed texts that is exactly what you need to hear. It was then that I realized I don’t love the holiday season because of all the glitter and glam; I love the holiday season because it means precious time with my incredible family. Upon realizing this I, of course, burst out in tears.

Dear family, both immediate and extended, you are MISSED.

Next week is Thanksgiving and the annual Day Family Turkey Bowl will take place in Iowa this year. Allie, Emma, and Jessi if you’re reading this, make me proud girls! Last year the girls actually beat the guys for the first time EVER. Stephen and Joel are convinced the ref was biased… and well, he was, but Daddy’s are supposed to be biased for their girls. Here’s the before picture:

I wish so much I could be there this year.

This Holiday season will be unlike any other and it is proving to already be quite hard for me. Last year I made a point of soaking up every moment of the holidays with my family in hopes that it would not be so hard this year. It didn’t work. Besides, if I’m not there who is going to burn the rolls?!

I don’t have any words of encouragement for this post… except maybe to encourage you to soak it up with your family this season. I know it sounds cliche, but who knows, one day the Lord may call you overseas and you’ll want your family and friends to know how dearly missed they are.

If you’re reading this, if you’re in my life in any form, you are MISSED.

I love the calling the Lord has placed on my life, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not easy when you have a family as amazing as mine 🙂

Happy Holidays, loved ones.


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